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We're only a Little shallow... Click to find out more

Here at swoopp we're a transparent and gentle bunch.
Are we shallow? At times, but only when our own needs (us and our penises) require priority, and sometimes that may stretch on for a bit (pun intended).

Do we love women? Absolutely.
We love the way they dress, talk, move, and smell; we get excited about the jiggly bits, the curves and the crevaces, we love their eyes and the shape of their lips, we love how they look in heels, in bikinis or sweatpants and we want to experience as much of that pleasure as possible.

We deconstruct women in a slow, gentle and courteous manner.
We take apart those beautiful minds piece by piece; analyze those pieces, and then use (and sometimes respectfully abuse) that information so that it can help us to get laid.

Are we cannibals?
No, excuse me while I finish my breast, I'm speaking metaphorically, we don't actually take women apart, only their behavioral patterns, their likes, dislikes; We want to know how their minds work, what attracts them, what excites them, what keeps them coming back for more and more.

Females can be intricate beings at the best of times. At the worst of times they can crush egos (more about that later).
We want every advantage we can get, even if that means skirting some flimsy moral boundaries with a quick spray of pheromones.

Are we transparent about our goals at swoopp?
You bet. If I didn't mention it before we're trying to get laid.
We want to hide our sausages, we want to do Mexican pushups, play the blanket monster, grease the monkey, pollish the pipes, growl at the badger, we would like to hit it, tap it, slap it, shag it, pound it, wax it, drill it, bone it; and by Jones we want to be very very succesful at it.

We want to be sexual legends, we want bards to write poems about us, and virgin maidens to scream our names in the middle of the night.
We don't think that's such a big ask.

We promise that the information we provide here will be revealing, exciting and above all, very powerful and key weapons in your arsenal.
We'll do this by providing conclusive information. For example:

1. Is male member size really that important to women
2. Do pheromones really work (and proof either way)
3. How women really want to be satisfied in bed - explained by women
4. The Top ways to attract women - explained by women
5. Without doubt the best Seduction Tricks & Tips
6. Proof about male enhancement exercises, products and pills, and whether some techniques really work
7. The Secret shows/reveals of body language and flirting, and how to improve your own body language - Very important
etc. etc.

Welcome to swoopp. We know women.
Stick with us, share with us, and you'll be getting your end away sooner than you think.