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Would You Make Love To a Robot?

No diseases, no arguments always willing to please…
Ever since Blade Runner, one of my all time favorite Sci Fi Films, introduced us to sexy replicants, the idea of getting intimate with robots went mainstream. Note, I said ‘Idea’.
However, when YouGov did a poll recently ( they discovered that one out eleven people would be prepared to satisfy their electric dreams. Perhaps those percentages would increase radically if the bots resembled Sean Young & Daryl Hannah in the movie. Say no more.

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In his book “Love & Sex with Robots, 2007” David Levy said that humans would be intimate with robots within 5 years and be able to be emotionally attached within 40 years.

Seduce-with-text-messages  It might sound a bit far fetched but consider that there is an ever increasing amount of people already intimate with Dolls, whether the blow up versions or the fully synthetic “real dolls”.
Add to this fact that around 10% of the adult population are virgins.

There’s obviously a demand for companionship for a certain percentage of the adult population.
In Japan there are already ‘Real Doll’ Bordellos for select clientele.
You’ll be surprised to know they pay good money for the experience, and the trend is in fact gaining momentum.
Perhaps, like their cars, they make smaller tighter models that get better mileage?

What do you think?

Given the opportunity (alcohol, dim lighting & hydraulic pheromones) would you make love to a  robot, especially if it’s a Robot that’s very sexy and true to human features? Let us know in the comments below.

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