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In the animal kingdom the “Alpha Male”  is recognized by all the other members as the pack leader. He has proven himself to be the strongest of the group and also a good leader. This dominant male authority enjoys respect from the other males of the pack, and also has another very important privilege : all the females of the herd want to mate with him.

The important thing to note is that this concept remains valid, in many respects, in the world of human beings, who are themselves “social animals.” The reality is that the vast majority of women would like to “mate” with a small number of men because they have the best characteristics – Alpha Male Characteristics.

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In an advanced society like ours physical strength (to ensure the survival of the species) is obviously not so important any more, but other factors take over that indicate the “quality ” and the value of a man.

Knowing these Alpha Male Characteristics and making them your own as much as possible, will help you to become the model of the man most desired by women.

Let’s discover the main characteristics of the alpha male:

how to be an alpha male

 He is self-confident and has good self-esteem without being arrogant or cocky.

 He is decided, acts quickly and is not afraid to take a stand. He is not interested in being “the friend of all” or being nice to everyone.

 Does not fear the judgment of others and does not feel as though he has to prove anything to anyone .

 Is not ” needy “, is not desperate for friends or a woman ; this implies that he is not going after women but vice versa.


He has his own ideas and principles , and is not swayed by others, nor by the whims of women.

 He is active and cohesive within his social circle . This means that generally it is he who offers advice on what to do, takes care of the organizational aspects, and instructs people on what will be happening and how to prepare.

 He does not have to say that he is the leader of the group , it is recognized as being such due to his charisma and his actions. He is not aggressive and does not seek to subjugate others. On the contrary , his presence is always appreciated because he is a very positive kind person and good company.

 He does not complain or play the part of the victim.

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 He is composed in unexpected situations and shows great self-control (calm and cool).

He does not take orders from anyone , but takes into account the opinions of friends .

Shows Respect for other people and women in particular, but he does not place them on a pedastal.

 He is successful at what he does because he believes in his own ability.

As you can see, these features are not related to physical strength or looks. They are not even specific to just the realm of seduction and male-female relationships. They relate to everyday life and interpersonal relationships in general.

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