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 Lying (about accomplishments, career, status etc.)

Lies have a nasty way of catching up, and a lot quicker than expected.
How come? Well, it’s easy to recall the facts around a truth but you’ll quickly forget the details about a lie (because they never actually happened).
Sooner or later you’ll slip on some details and the fake persona that you built up will be crushed along with your sensitive ego.

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 Wearing vests or muscle T-Shirts, Aka, the “wife beater” look.

Seduce-with-text-messages  Boy, do lots of meat heads get this one wrong.
Here are the most common reasons why women don’t like muscle t-shirts:

1. It looks as though the guy is trying too hard.
2. They look cheap and tacky.
3. The armpit hair is a major turn off.
4. Many women associate them with jobless, dirty, trailer trash types. (Ouch!)
5. They are meant to be worn only at the beach or pool.

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Brother How Great Thou Art (Foot in mouth Disease.)

how not to attract womenGuys that talk about how good they are at stuff, and/or compare how much better they are than others, or how much they earn.

When you list your achievements it can come across as condescending to others and shows signs of being a self absorbed individual.
Also when guys talk about how much money they earn, and/or how much they have, then they actually appear insecure about their other characteristics, and quite shallow. In addition, they are negating the fact that women can take care of themselves too.

Girls like to hear stories about things that happened to a guy, but they don’t care if you’re the best (or you think you’re the best) at something. What’s more important is the conversation and how it makes them feel.

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 Guys that ‘vanity flex’.

Men that have to flex to accomplish the most basic of tasks. Ooph, that was really strenuous picking up that heavy book.
What was that? You didn’t know that people can actually tell the difference between comfortable and strained?
Well women definitely do, and it irritates the crap out of them, and probably your friends too.
Look at me open this kitchen cupboard. Look at me twist the bottle top off. Look at me lift up this plastic chair.


 Trying to be someone you’re not.

how not to impress girls

Don’t be ‘that guy’.

Feigning a character is probably one of the most detrimental things you can do.
People show their true colors eventually, sooner or later you’ll behave according to your character, and What may have attracted the woman to you in the first place will disappear in smoke.
This usually ends in aggravation and a lot of wasted time for both parties.
Besides, it requires an incredible amount of energy to continue the facade.

More importantly:

In life it’s crucial for your future personal development to be comfortable in your own skin. If you want to have more success with women then rather work on improving certain aspects of your personality. You may be better off polishing your conversation skills, body language, flirting techniques and overall confidence.

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