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The premise: Behaving like a French tosser will get you more women. (Video Below.)

What happens: Self proclaimed French Pick up artists sidles up to girl lying on grass in park and immediately starts behaving brash . (“What, you don’t speak French?!” , “Spanish is an easy language“, “bla bla bla“.)
Girl is somewhat bemused.
He asks where she shops and then says it’s a place for old ladies.

About 4 minutes in you’re thinking that the whole thing is a little awkward and that’s because he never asked if he could join her, he just sat down.

The rapport improves later but you get the feeling that’s largely due to the fact that she’s a nice person in a foreign country. Perhaps someone else would have told him to f-off?

As the conversation progresses he shows he does have a personality (and you almost feel as though he is being genuine) but you always get the feeling that there is no real connection happening.

And then the kiss at the end… OOff, that was cringe worthy. Especially since the French goodbye is 3 kisses on the cheeks and then he turns that into an excuse to make out. That was more deception than pick up. Not cool!


The are things to learn from the video, for example, it’s not so difficult to make small talk if you’re observant about what the person has on her, is wearing, doing etc.
Don’t try too hard.
It’s important (if possible and judging on the person you’re with) to include light sexual banter in the conversation.
And frame some situations where you are doing things together in the future.

I believe a lot of his technique is based on the fact that he’s French and that is not something that can be universally applied.

I would suggest that something like The TAO of Badass would be much better suited to helping you, and teaching you
lots of ‘tricks’ although I hate to use the word tricks, let’s rather say skills at approaching women, piquing their interest,
and then getting that further opportunity for contact.

Of course, you’ll find that with some girls your personalities will gel better, and you may even continue the date, while with other girls you may only get the opportunity for a later meet up.