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Not only are us men looking in the wrong places but when we’re in the Right places then we’re missing the ‘please approach’ signals as well!

Best Places To Meet Women

According to a study by a Unilever (owners of Axe deoderant) women say that men are trying too hard and in the wrong places.
Instead of clubs and bars, most girls would prefer to be approached by guys in Coffee Shops, Book Stores, Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls (including department stores) and even at the Gym or Church.

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best places to meet women grocery store

I don’t know if you’re paying attention (I seldom do) but this little insight has a major impact on which approach/seduction techniques you should be focusing most of your attention. Obviously there’s a huge difference between how you would chat with a woman in a grocery store and in a club.

Women think that this should be obvious to guys, but to add insult to injury apparently the vast majority of guys are clueless when women actually give ‘please approach’ signals like attractive body language and preening in these types of places.

Less than one out five girls met the last guy they dated in a bar or club! In case you didn’t know, girls view it as a stigma to have to mention that they met their boyfriend in a bar. They would much prefer their first meeting to be romantic, or at least unique.

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Seduce-with-text-messages  Here we are… learning how to impress the ladies, practicing seduction techniques that revolve around:
buying a drink at a bar, betting her to buy a drink if she can correctly say 3 words (1. Seduction, 2. Sycophant, 3. Wrong – The third word is wrong, but when she says ‘Sycophant’ you’ll say the 3rd word “Wrong” and shake your head, as though she said it wrong. She’ll say she said it correct, but you’ll say the 3rd word is “Wrong”. And she’ll owe you a drink…)

All this is going on, and we’ve completely missed the 80/20 rule. That is: In life 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort we put in. We’re putting 80% (actually more like 99%) of our efforts in the wrong places! And this is while all the gorgeous girls are smiling at us in the coffee shops and libraries.

90% of Women say that they often see guys who they wish would approach them.

But even after giving off signals it’s very seldom that the guy will approach. And we still search on the Internet for the best places to meet women.

So what are these tricky signals we seem to be missing? Well, the most common are eye contact, flirtatious smiling and after that asking for advice or the time. Not even that subtle, and yet we seem to miss those. Would we miss them if the setting was a pub or a club?!

Maybe the book title should be: “Men are from Bars and Women are from Coffee Shops.”

Where to meet women is just one part of the puzzle.
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Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments below where you think are the best places to meet women.

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