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Here’s something you wouldn’t have expected: It’s not necessary to have tons of charm in order to seduce women. What can be very useful, and especially with a certain category of women, is to exude male energy.

Let’s first understand what is true masculine charm, and then look at 6 ways to improve your skills.

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While male energy is something that has to do with the oldest part of us, charm is mostly linked to certain social expectations. For example a man with masculine energy, whether it be in the USA, Europe, or Africa, may express his energy in different ways, but it will be perceived in the same way throughout society.

Charm, on the other hand, is tied to certain clichés and stereotypes of our society. Where there’s charm there is also masculine energy, but where there is masculine energy it does not mean that there is charm as well.

For example, think of your favorite male movie actors…

Do you remember Brad Pitt in the film Fight Club? Brad Pitt in that film shows a lot of masculine energy, probably too much (it’s a movie) but he did not have an ounce of charm!

George Clooney, well in pretty much any movie he did he has masculine energy and a lot of charm.

What about Matt Damon? In some of his roles he has masculine energy, but not much charm.

Sean Connery as James Bond? He’s practically the symbol of charm!


As you can see masculine energy and charm are two very different things.



While masculine energy will impress all kinds of women, charm (being tied to stereotypes) does more to impress women of certain culture and social classes. The higher the social class the more charm will impress .

Let’s look at the ways to be more charming with women (you’ll notice how some are linked to social stereotypes).


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How To Be Charming With Women: 6 Ways To Be A Ladies Man


 Communicate with elegance.

A charming man is not someone who gesticulates a lot or talks loud, they always speak in a low to medium voice. His Gestures and movements are mostly slow and relaxed .

 Be a little gallant.

It is certainly not gallantry that wins a woman, but a pinch never hurts. The risk with gallantry is that you overdo things and make out of place gestures. A little goes a long way, don’t do so much as to place the woman on a pedestal.

 Don’t immediately say everything about yourself.

As you may already know this is a stereotype – the stereotype of the mysterious man .

To implement it in seduction, just do not say everything about yourself immediately. Create a subtle aura of mystery. You can also decide to flirt a little by dodging certain questions to create curiosity. It’s a good way to create attraction.

 Look at her intensely.

The charming man will give his full attention to the woman he wants to seduce. (Practice not looking creepy while doing this.)

  Cure Your Style.

The charming man has style! He Knows how to dress well, and enhances his image with personal taste and he does it with a certain class.

Take a look at this page about fashion and image tips for men.

 Improve your culture.

On this topic there is no short way out. The man who has charm has culture. This means he reads and takes an interest in the world around him.
Do you need the level of education of a university professor? No, it is absolutely not necessary, but you should be able to contribute to most conversations.


As you can see male energy and charm two are very different things, and therefore it’s better to focus on them separately.

I suggest that you First enhance your masculine energy and later, if you wish, think about being more charming. Visit Here to discover how to easily enhance your male energy.

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