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If you really want to know whether a girl or woman likes you then this is the most complete page you will find on the subject. We believe ours is the most accurate does she like me quiz you will find on the Internet. There are many tests out there but they seem to be aimed mostly to children.

The “attraction calculator” is quick, very informative and should only take you 2 minutes to complete.
At the bottom of this page I have included other “does she like me quiz” links that we think may be worth your while.

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Important: Be 100% honest with yourself. If your first thought to an answer is “I’m not sure” then 99% of the time that is what your answer should be. You’ll know for certain if you’re certain 🙂

Does She Like Me Quiz: Attraction Signs That a Girl Likes You

Here are some signs a girl likes you. These are not the only signs but they are the most common subconscious signals and the strongest indicators of attraction.
Women will usually not say they are attracted to you but they will make it quite obvious by how they use their body language.


 Does she make excuses to touch you?

For example, will she touch your arm or thigh to point things out to you, or rest her head on your shoulder if she’s tired?
Basically, is she comfortable in your personal space?

A. Sometimes when she laughs at my jokes she play punches me or leans forward and touches my arm or leg.
B. We are comfortable being close to each other.
C. No, we’ve never been close enough to touch.
D. She accidentally brushed my jacket once.


Why do girls do this?

When women make any excuse to touch you (even play punch you) they’re letting you know that they’re comfortable around you.


 Have you made strong eye contact?

A. Yes, she focuses on me quite intently and smiles at me a lot.
B. No, but I catch her staring at me sometimes.
C. No, because she turns away.
D. Not yet. Maybe I’m too shy to initiate it.


strong eye contact

A good sign that a girl likes you is when her pupils look quite big when you are talking with each other. (Your pupils automatically dilate when you like someone.)
Note: A shy girl might not hold your gaze, she may look away shyly or even seem a little nervous.
If she’s looking around at everything else going on while talking to you then that’s not a good sign.


 What does she do when you talk?

For example, will she touch your arm or thigh to point things out to you, or rest her head on your shoulder if she’s tired?
Basically, is she comfortable in your personal space?


A. She touches her hair, jewelry and clothes sometimes.
B. She stares into my eyes and smiles.
C. We don’t talk much.
D. She’s looking around at other stuff.


When a girl preens herself (adjusts her hair, smooths her clothes or plays with her jewelry) while talking to you it’s a sign that she’s trying to look good for you. She will only make these gestures if she is attracted to you.
If she folds her arms while talking to you, crosses her feet, doesn’t smile, rolls her eyes when you try to tell her a joke, or looks around at what else is going on, then this is a clear sign that she is not interested.


Body Language: How does she position her body when she is near you?

how to flirt with a girl

Does she face her hips and shoulders towards you in an ‘open’ and comfortable manner? Does she play with her hair while holding your gaze?
When you’re sitting down or standing is she leaning in towards you to listen better to what you say, almost as if she’s waiting for you to say something exciting?


A. Yes, she does a lot of those things.
B. Yes, she will stand or sit a little closer to me to hear what I have to say.
C. She hasn’t done any of those things.
D. We have never sat or stood that close to each other.


While you don’t want to have a weird staring contest, initiating eye contact with a girl is important because it shows that you like her, and that you have confidence, which is something that women find extremely attractive.
If a girl touches her hand, shoulder or knee when talking to you it’s actually a subconscious signal that she would like to get closer to you.

If she’s turned slightly away and/or sitting on her hands and/or she has her arms or legs crossed then this is usually not a good sign.
A girl who’s interested in what you have to say will listen to you and give you her undivided attention. But one who has other things on her mind will allow her eyes to wander, paying attention to everything that’s going on except for her conversation with you.


 Does she want to know more about you?

Does she ask about where you live, your family, your job (if you’ve finished with your studies).
Does she want to know about your preference in girls? She might even point to a picture of a girl in a magazine, or pull out a picture of a friend she has and says “ooh, isn’t she pretty?” (Of course, she’s waiting for you to say, “Well, she’s not as pretty as you!”)

A. Yes, she’s very inquisitive.
B. She often asks my opinion about how her and her friends look.
C. No, she doesn’t know much about me.
D. We don’t talk much.When a girl asks you for help with simple things, that she could easily do on her own, then it means that she is trying to spend more time with you.
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 Does she laugh and smile when you talk?


A. She laughs at some of the lamest things I say. She’s a good sport.
B. Yes, and she teases me a lot about the things I say and do (while smiling).
C. No, she doesn’t laugh or smile much when we talk.
D. We don’t talk much.


When a girl laughs and smiles a lot while you are talking to her then she is going out of her way to make you feel comfortable. In most cases these are very strong signs of attraction.


 How is she when her friends are around?

If she is with a group of friends and they are walking past, or chatting nearby, does she notice you?


A. She smiles / She smiles and keeps walking / She stops, smiles and talks with me.
B. I have noticed that her friends stop talking when I get close. Do they think I’m weird?
C. I have never seen her with her friends.
D. She does nothing.


If her friends stop talking when you get close it means that she has been talking about you to them. This doesn’t mean that they think you’re weird, if they are smiling at each other and teasing her then this indicates that she has spoken about you in a good way.
If they laugh and point at you, and don’t smile, then that is Not a good sign.


 How well do you know her?


A. We met recently and she seems to be comfortable around me.
B. We keep bumping into each other (and sometimes in the strangest places).
C. We barely know each other.
D. We haven’t actually spoken with each other yet. 


If she often shows up in places where you are, outside of where you normally see her, then it’s probably Not a coincidence. It’s a strong indicator that she’s giving you more chances to spend time with her.


 Is she quite extroverted/outgoing as a person?


A. I have only noticed her smiling a lot and laughing around me (regarding guys that is. She laughs a lot with her girlfriends too.)
B. She is kind of shy but opens up a lot when the two of us talk.
C. I have not noticed her flirt with other men. But, I don’t know her that well and don’t see her that often.
D. She chats and flirts with a lot of different guys.


You have finished our Does she like me quiz.

Now, Simply add up all of your A’s, B’s C’s and D’s answers.

A = 2 points
B = 2 points
C = 0 points
D = 0 points

As you can see this is not your typical quiz that supplies vague answers with hopeful advice.
Our emphasis is not on the gimmick of the test, nor the shiny bells and flashing lights, but it’s designed to help you understand Why you scored what you did and also to help you discern What attraction signs to look out for in the future.


Test Scoring

If you scored 4 points then it’s probable that she likes you. See the advice below.

If you scored 6-8 points then there are really strong signs of attraction from her side.

More than 8 points? It’s an absolute given.

How to tell if she likes me?

Seduce-with-text-messages  See our article on female attractions signals and Interested body language and how to know when a girl is attracted to you.
Even if you tend to get anxious in situations that require one on one conversations, try talking to the girl you like in person, too. You don’t want to look like you lack self-confidence. See these techniques on how to approach girls , best ways to approach women, and how to overcome approach anxiety.

Your main aim should be to test the waters, to see how she reacts to you getting closer to her.
NOTE: It’s important to notice what she’s doing with her body instead of only concentrating on what she says.

Observe how she reacts when you are in her personal space (yes, you need to focus on these things even when you are nervous). How does she react when you touch her on her shoulder or knees? (You can make excuses to do this by pointing things out to her, or discussing what she is wearing).

Does she smile at you or move closer?
See these tips on how to smile at a girl and appear confident.


What if she is shy?

If you think a shy girl likes you the best way to proceed would be to first become friends.
Just be yourself and take things slow. Shy girls really appreciate the fact that you made the first move and took the time to show interest in them.


What Not to do with girls you like

If you think that flirting with other girls will get her attention and show her how popular you are with women, then you are very wrong. In fact, this is behavior will most likely stop her from trying to get closer to you.

Do not first wait for girls to tell you whether they like you or not. Work on your confidence and learn to approach girls (how to approach girls , best ways to approach women, and how to overcome approach anxiety).
Without a doubt they are going to let you know whether they are interested or not, and it’s going to save you a lot of time and mental anguish (especially from searching for quizzes like this). And this is time that you can better use to pursue someone else that deserves your attention.
So don’t be that guy that’s always waiting for everyone else to make the move, be the guy to make the moves, and make your own destiny.

Practice your observation skills.

Go to a cafe, park or some place where a lot of single guys and girls interact.
Using what you have learnt here observe how the girl reacts to the guy.
How focused is she on him? Is she smiling and leaning in? What does she do when he leans in?
Does it look as if she is enjoying his company?


Other “Does she like me quiz” options:

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Top Ten Signs She Likes You:

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Top 5 Signs she’s Attracted to you:

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