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This page is not only about the best flirt lines to use to attract women.
We’ll also show you how to banter, how to escalate your conversation to sexual flirting, how to assign naughty roles, how to initiate physical contact and most importantly, how to have fun with it.

Top 10 Flirt Lines For Men To Approach Women

These approach lines show that you don’t take life Too seriously and know how to enjoy yourself. And if you haven’t been paying attention this is exactly the sort of guy women dig!

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 The “where the hell have you been” approach

You say: “There you are, I apologize for the delay. Have you been waiting long?” (+ Smile)

Pros: Not many.
Cons: You might bore her into offing herself.
good pick up lines

 The “live in sex doll” approach

Hello, can you cook, iron and do housework?” (+ Smile)
So you’re not here for the live-in sex maid position?

Pros: A few might laugh.
Cons: A few might bite you too.

 The “too cute to resist puppy dog” approach

Boy I had a rough day at work, but a hug from you will cheer me up.

Pros: Girls love to hug so they can’t help but smile at this flirt line.
Cons: None

 The social-anthropological approach

Hello, a friend of mine says that all women only like men with specific characteristics of X and Y, I don’t think that’s true for all women, do you?

Pros: Ideal for sociologists and anthropologists
Cons: The severe lack of female sociologists and anthropologists

 The feminist approach

Hello, do you consider yourself an independent woman?
Well, then this is the plan: You work and bring home the bread while I’m on the couch all day watching TV, what do you say? “(+ Smile)

Pros: Hold on, I’m still thinking.
Cons: A kick in the nuts.

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Top 5 Flirt Lines For Men To Approach Women

flirt with girls

 The scientific approach

Hello. I am doing a scientific study: How many times do you get hit on each night?

Pros: A valuable attempt at objectivity.
Cons: You’re not really separating yourself from the losers, are you?

 The “if you didn’t understand, I’m absolutely fabulous” approach:

Wow, you have a lovely jersey / shirt / dress / pair of jeans. In your opinion, don’t you think it would look good/better on me?

Pros: Absolute confusion guaranteed.
Cons: She might really believe you.

 The “half arse” approach

Hello, my friends and I were wondering … what is the best way to approach you?” (+ Smile)

Pros: If she’s helpful she’ll actually tell you. By which time it’s too late because your cunning plan has already been set into motion. You see? You see?
Cons: Friends pulled into the middle of things without any good reason. So just say: “I was wondering…

 The “Johnny Bravo” approach

Listen, tell me one thing. How Does it feel to be so close to a cool guy like me?” (+ Smile)

Pros: The insinuation that you have high value.
Cons: Suitable for 0.1% of the female population. The rest may pop your ego with one prick. And guess who that prick is?

Don’t forget to move your eyebrows a lot, tilt your head, and get her to feel your biceps.


 The “Attention whore” approach.

Hello, can I stand here with you ladies for two minutes so I can also get to feel watched a little?” (+ Smile)

Pros: None. Well, Maybe that’s too harsh, it does show that you can relate to their problems.
Cons: Is This perhaps the worst flirt phrase ever?


 BONUS Flirt Line
Hello, can you kindly tell me what colors are in fashion this year, because I do not understand anything about fashion?

Pros: None
Cons: What the fuck sort of approach is that?


OK, did you laugh? Good. Well then they will too hearing those flirt lines for the first time.

So what do you do next?

How to progress to sexual flirting.

Seduce-with-text-messages  After you have been chatting for a while you can say something like:

Wow, I have to say I’m intrigued, you have a good sense of humor and you’re gorgeous. You don’t find that very often.
And then carry on with the conversation like you never said it. If you can, chat with her friends a little, or make an excuse to get drinks or got to the bathroom.

What you’re doing is creating sexual tension and attraction. You have made a statement that can’t really just be left unstudied.
You’re also showing her that you are certainly not interested in just being friends.
Also, once a woman knows that you desire her it makes it easier for her to get out of librarian mode.

From here you can small chat and then flirt some more.

Say: “Would you like me to turn around so you can check out my butt again?!
If she says yes, do it, and then don’t forget to ask her to do the same.

She’ll find it playful and fun, but at the same time there is no doubt in her mind that the sexual intent is there.
She’ll know that you find her sexually attractive.

Remember: Keep it light, and SLOW DOWN! Just one or two sexual flirts is more than enough.
Once you sense that you have good chemistry don’t forget to take a deep breath and make slower gestures.

If you can, make an excuse to touch her.
Touch her arm or leg and point to something. “Checkout that couple over there, I’m certain they must be swingers.

Choose a fun flirty character for her. Who does she dress like? Who does she remind you of?

Hey, you know who you remind me of?

Angelina Jolie, before she met Brad Pitt.
My babysitter that I had a huge crush on when I was 13. You should have seen what she got up to…
My mom’s friend that used to visit our house, even when my mom wasn’t there.

Or think of someone famous that’s sexually deviant. Create an image of her as being someone who is sexually aggressive.
Keep the suggestions funny and slightly sexual (without saying so). It’s a fun game to play and can make the conversation flow like crazy.

All this humorous banter is all adding to the sexual tension that you’re creating.

The nice thing about these characters is that you can playfully refer to them whenever you want during the conversation.
For example if she gives you an opportunity to tease her:
Sure, that’s what my babysitter would also say.
If I don’t behave myself you’ll probably take me to your dungeon under your bedroom, or something.”

Remember: Don’t overdo it. Know when to drop the role.

I think you’ll agree, this is the best page on flirt lines on the Internet.
Kind of makes all that other fodder out there look like day old salad.
Now it’s your turn. Tell us what flirt lines have worked for you…

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