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Being in the friend zone is like a double sucker punch, not only does it suck not being able to get the girl you really like but it’s also a cruel blow to your ego to be made aware that she isn’t physically turned on by you. That’s about to change.

  • If you aren’t already in the friend zone then you’re probably aware that it’s honestly a cr&p place to be and we’re going to show you how to avoid the friend zone at all costs.
  • If you are trying to escape the friend zone then help is at hand. We’re going to put an end to that!
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In this helpful article we will demonstrate:

1) Friend zone signs that show you are stuck in the friend zone.

2) How to avoid the friend zone and make sure a woman never things of you as just a friend and

3) Getting out of the friend zone.


Am I in the friend zone?

Definition of friend zone:
It is like a nightmare and has happened to more men than would care to admit. You try with a woman and she responds with things like, “I see you as just a friend” or “I care about you and would not want to ruin our friendship.” The crux of the matter is that she is not attracted to you and she does not see you as a possible partner (Yet).

Am I in the friend zone? Friend zone signs that show you are most definitely stuck in the friend zone.


 Long Time Friends

You have known her several months or even a few years and things have not changed much.

 There has never been Reciprocal Attraction

She may laugh at your jokes, but it ends there.
You’re a person with whom she has confidence, but she has never demonstrated sexual impulses towards you.

 She Speaks to You about men she likes

If you are single and you had to speak about the women you like in front of some girl that likes you, some would call you an asshole. Well it’s the same thing if a woman does it.
In this case, she sees you as a confidant, a friend with whom she can share her problems and joys.

 My dear Androgynous friend.

She sees you and treats you like a dear tender person …
If she sees you as a gummy bear without a penis, it is because in her mind there really is this belief, as unpleasant as it may be …
This is linked to a lack of attraction, but it is much worse.

 Does she ask you for Favors?

The courtesies and kindnesses we ask of friends because we know that we can count on them.
When she needs a lift to get to the airport at about 4:20 Am are you the first person that comes to her mind.
Generally, a woman will not ask these types of favors of a man whom she wants to seduce, at least not until he has been conquered.

 If you Increase the Physical Contact does she dodge you?

When you try to establish more physical contact or to be more sensual with her, does she dodge you, or move away?
It’s good that you have the balls to actually try something new, because once you know where you stand you can the assess the situation and decide if it’s really what you want…

 You often fetch her with your car.

Yes, I’m sorry, but if this is the case you are a “provider of transportation services.”
Well, you are her trusted driver, you do not want her to miss this luxury do you?
Also, don’t forget to pay for parking and buy her lunch and drinks as well.

These are the friend zone signs that might suggest you let her loose and indulge the other thousands (hundreds of thousands) of women available in your city. However if you have your mind set on this girl then here are some techniques to help you get out of the friend zone.

Getting out of the friend zone

get out of friend zoneOnce you have been listed as a “friend” to a woman it can be quite complicated and challenging to change her mind, but it can be done. The secret lies in undoing the damage that you already did. You have to change the things you say and the subliminal messages that you send through your body language.

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Here’s how to avoid friend zone:


 Flirt with her.

This is important, she needs to see you as  a sexual person. See this article on how to flirt with women.
This is the biggest single way to help her understand that you are not satisfied with just being a couple of friends. And if you do it correctly you will attract her subconsciously rather than being too obvious. The Tao of Badass has great techniques to help you accomplish this.

 Intrigue her, become a mystery that she will want to solve. See this article on how to intrigue a woman.

 Avoid trying to please her and always go along with her ideas. On the contrary, let her know that you have your ideas and your principles; that is to say, you are a man.

 Ration the frequency of your favors and your kindness. Let her know that you are not kind to those who do not deserve it. It should be understood that you will never try to impress her or to “buy” her.
Never let yourself be exploited. If you feel this way then you should immediately cut ties because this is even worse than the “friend zone”!

 Don’t always be available. A friend is always available, but a craved attractive man has his own life and commitments.

 Don’t be her last resort, especially when she has nothing better to do, or missed going out with someone else!

 Make every time you spend together a step forward so you do not drag the situation too long! If every time you see that nothing happens then have pride in yourself and move on.

 Make excuse to touch her arms, legs and back, to point things out, to help her. Increase it from time to time so that she gets used to it.

 Do not be her confessor. If she starts to tell you about problems with other guys, or she confides that she likes someone else, then do not go along with this, rather take the opportunity to tease her and flirt with her a little.

 When you’re with her be the most attractive person you can: be a fun person, humorous, adventurous, a bit ‘mysterious and fascinating! But never be solemn or serious. If the conversation gets too serious then leave. (Sounds a bit drastic? Sure, but you’re trying to conquer a woman and get out of the present situation.)

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