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These Funny conversation starters can be your best ally when you would like to flirt with a girl but don’t quite know what to say. I hesitate to call these smooth pick up lines because the idea is that a pick up line indicates an ulterior motive… to pick up. Rather, the best way to flirt with women is to have no ulterior motive, to be fun playful and attentive to other people enjoying themselves. Visit this page here for more tips on how to flirt with a girl and how best to use these conversation starters…

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All right fellas, as promised, here are are some fun ice breakers that you can use to spice up your interactions. Some of them are quite situation specific but there are a few gems that you can use right out the box.

Initially you’ll just want to practice with friends to gauge their reactions.

Remember: The secret is how you say it and not so much what you say… 


I said I would never date bad girls anymore. But here I am AGAIN!

(Remember to have a comeback with these funny conversation starters. I mean it’s fair to think that they may comment about WHY you think they’re bad, or if you can’t handle bad girls etc.)

I’ve gotta go, I left my underwear out to dry and girls have been stealing them lately.

I’m on a guys night out but I can’t concentrate on my friends… you’re too cute.

What’s your name? *Baby Angel? Well it’s really nice to meet you *Baby Angel…
(*Insert pet name here – Alliebear, Bambi, Buttercup, Cheeky Monkey, Cuddlebug, Cookie Monster, Yummers, Treasure, Twinkle Toes, Sugar Mama, Schmooky Pookie, Pork Chop, Num Nums, Mooky, Chunky Monkey, Cutesy Pie, Fluffer-Nutter, Honey Pants … well I think you get the picture.)

Which one of you two could beat me in a pillow fight?

You’re way too young for me you shouldn’t look at me that way.smooth pick up lines

I can’t be seen talking with you again, I’ll get into trouble. I’ll be back when things calm down.

You remind of my cute puppy at home. He’s always trying to shag my leg.

If you could take me anywhere in the world where would it be?

I’m sorry, I couldn’t possibly go home with you tonight.

You seem nice but I don’t know if I can trust you…
(I can tell you’re naughty.
I can see in your eyes that…)

When she answers you back:

  • Is that one of your chat up lines?
  • That’s what you say to all the guys.
  • Honestly you’re doing great. Don’t be nervous.

Before she answers back:
Don’t say anything, you’re perfect. You’ll just mess it up.

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More Smooth Pick Up Lines…



You’d look cute wearing my fanny pack.

Can you do me a favor? Would you wear sexy shoes on our first date?
…And would you mind cutting the crust off my sandwiches?

Whoa, slowly, don’t take it out on me.

I like the way you look at me. It’s dirty.

It’s true, I am high maintenance, but then I’m pretty easy.

Didn’t he call yet? Not to worry, we all get blown off sometimes.

I’m just not available, emotionally.

I don’t think it could ever work. You’d be too demanding, physically.

Don’t you have school tomorrow? Do your parents know you’re out this late?

Will your parents let you play with me?

Let’s see how much of a player you are, try to seduce me.

You’re cute. Can you help me to pick up chicks?

Let’s see if we can find you a man. But you can’t just talk to anyone.

Are my bulking thighs in proportion to my incredibly chiseled arms.

smooth chat up lines

You’re shagadelic baby!

You’re a lot like my mom’s friend, when I was 15.

Would you like to see pictures of my cat?

Excuse me, could you settle something for me:

  • I was just considering the pros and cons of coming over and talking to you.
  • This seems like a good spot for me. Do I have a good silhouette here?
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Smooth Pick Up Lines For A Group Of Girls


You’re all velvet and I’m Velcro which means… none of us are human.

Man! All the women here treat me like an object of their sexual desire.

You girls are such players.

Let’s see if we can find you all some men. (Make funny observations about them and then try to match them up with weird characters in the place.)

Turn around and say: I’m just giving you all an opportunity to talk about what a nice ass I have.

She’s the shy one isn’t she? You ladies have to take her out more.


Funny Conversation Starters – Once the conversation gets going.


If she teases you:

If you really thought that then you wouldn’t be This attracted to me.good c onversation starters

I love you like a little sister. You know, we can pillow fight together and stuff…

What?!  Was it happy hour already?

What?! Obviously your boyfriend hasn’t been spanking you enough lately.

Do you flirt with all the guys like that or just me?

Are you sexy like this with all the guys you’re attracted to?

Well I think you’re nice regardless of what everyone else says.



Tease her about funny things she says:
What?! Now you’re just making this stuff up…

I didn’t want to say this in front of your friends but:
You still haven’t paid me for the Brazilian wax I gave you.

Are you all enjoying yourself tonight? Are you all having fun?

Wow, it’s nice that you  just talk with any random men. That’s unsafe, but sexy.

You’re doing it again… you’re looking at me like I’m sex on a stick.

You spend a lot of time in the library don’t you?


If you’re feeling very comfortable:

So, if any of you forget any lingerie at my place where should I return them?

Alright, alright, stop checking out my ass.

You’ll have to impress me more if you want to take me home.

You’ll have to impress me more if you’re planning on french kissing me.

What?! Were you just staring at my ass / package?

I don’t mind if you like to treat me like a sex object.

So what else do you find sexy about me?


If she says something crazy/silly:

Was it a long happy hour or are you always like this?

Just wait here I’m going to get you a hat with a propeller on it.

It’s a pity I’m gay otherwise we would have beautiful kids.
Seriously, our kids would be models.

Well, luckily You can fall back on your good looks.

OK you SUCK at this, but you can cook right?


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OK, your turn.

What are some funny conversation starters or smooth pick up lines that you have used or heard used with success?

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