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The fundamentals of creating attraction – from a female point of view.

One of the most common subjects that get discussed in our forums is how to approach a woman & how to create attraction with women.

The first mistake that many guys make when approaching a woman is that they give off a creepy vibe. So why do some girls get creeped out when certain guys approach them? And it’s generally not because they aren’t good looking, but women will say that they “just got a bad vibe from the guy”. So what causes this bad vibe?

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Over the course of many years in history the human brain has learned to recognize subtle patterns in our environment to help us make quick decisions on a subconscious level. This was helpful when early man had to deal with a lot of complicated and dangerous situations. Nowadays psychologists call this behavior “thin slicing”, a term that describes the ability to find familiar patterns using only narrow windows of experience or time.

Seduce-with-text-messages  Our subconscious thin slices or filters the world around us and our brain relies on this information to make split second decisions, and to form quick opinions about people, places and things that we encounter. And we don’t even realize that we are doing this.

A woman’s social instinct is generally much stronger than a mans. She is much stronger at reading voice tonality, body language cues, eye contact, and facial expressions and since she has more experience sifting through many potential mates throwing themselves at her she’s much more likely to thin slice you, or filter you.

So what do women mean when they label a guy as creepy? Basically it means that he was just not sending the right signals. Now i’m sure you are asking yourself: “How do i send the right signals?”

You see, unlike men women simply define attraction as curiosity or interest. In fact, she just wants to learn if he is a good potential mate. As we have already learned a woman is going to make a snap judgement about every man in her vicinity.
She has an internal radar and the objective is to become a positive signal on this radar. In general she makes these judgments based on your body language, your eye contact, posture, facial expressions, energy level and the way that you approach her .

approaching womenComplicating all of this is the fact that your internal state will also influence these factors. So if you are feeling under pressure or a little bit tense then your fears will show through. But there is a way to beat this: If you train your mind to do the correct things then over time this will also automatically train your body to do the correct things. Once you start doing the mental fundamentals correct your body language, eye contact, posture and facial expressions will follow.

There are certain key fundamentals that will help you to become a positive signal on her radar. If done correctly these fundamentals will convey a positive energy presence and deep confidence.

Key Fundamentals: How To Approach A Woman & Create Attraction

 The first fundamental is to smile. This is an easy one so always remember to smile.

  High energy level.  Basically it’s about having high energy and being positive, upbeat and happy at all times.

  Eye contact. Never be scared to make good eye contact. Practice looking at a woman until she looks away (but not in a creepy way of course).

 Good posture and walking with purpose. Good posture means walking upright,  standing tall with your chest out. Imagine that you are leading with your heart and you want people to see the goodness in your heart.
The walk: You want to have a smooth and masculine swagger.

 A confident mindset. You need to start repeating to yourself that you are an attractive man. Train yourself to believe that YOU are the prize. As you work on the other fundamentals your confidence will naturally improve. For now it’s enough to simply remind yourself frequently of your best qualities.

  No hesitation. The most difficult fundamental to adhere to is the no hesitation rule. This means that you should approach any women you are interested in and talk to them within several seconds of making eye contact. This requires a disciplined and confident mindset so that when you see she is observing you, you walk over and say something without too much delay. Don’t worry, it gets easier with practice and time.

These are the key fundamentals that answer most questions about How To Approach A Woman.

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All of these fundamentals are important when practicing how to approach a woman, although there is one that is much more important than the rest…

It is vital to create and maintain a high energy level!
By a higher energy level we are referring to your personal level of happiness and excitement. It’s also important that the energy level is not faked.
Here are some reasons why this is important:

male social proof

High value people are used to getting lots of attention. You need to feel comfortable in groups of people and not back down when people are looking at you.
A Low energy level can take down a group’s overall energy level and can also make you seem like you need the group to provide you with a good time. A man with an upbeat positive energy level is very attractive to women.

Another problem that many men have is they lack social proof.

Basically, if a woman sees you talking to a group of people and they are laughing or enjoying your company she’s going to assume that you are a fun and outgoing guy. She will automatically label you as high value. Its not her logical brain that makes the decision it’s her subconscious. Her Instinct says that this behavior is attractive.

Women are trained to scan a room and analyze if guys are fun and outgoing. Are they chatting with girls or just standing back and leering at them? Trust me they notice you. So, even if you have very strong fundamentals you may still get shut down if you don’t have a good positive high energy level.

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