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Summer time, beach time, and times of transgression in the air, especially with the ladies. When else and where else are good girls allowed to wear so few clothes and tan areas that even boyfriends or husbands see very seldom? And if you think they lie there only thinking pure thoughts well, the heat on the bare body does strange and wonderful things. It’s in these moments of leisure and relaxation that girls’ minds turn to naughty thoughts.

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Women love to tease (covertly) at the beach and if you know how to flirt at the beach then the rewards can be many…
According to studies, more than 70% of women who frequently visit the beach say they would much rather chat to a guy in that natural ambient than at a pub or a club. The quality of conversation is better as people are usually not trying to be someone they are not.

Top 5 tips on how to flirt at the beach.

I suggest taking a cooler to the beach. You can fill them with some refreshing drinks – what girl won’t appreciate a nice cold drink at the beach. This will come in handy later … you’re not going to run around just handing out free drinks to all the girls.


 Don’t forget the sunscreen, and most importantly some beach games. You are going to use these to invite some girls to play with you and your friends. Volleyball, soccer, bats, Frisbee etc.
If you are alone at the beach then…

 Once you have lay down next to a group of girls or next to a single girl ask her/them if they are going to be at the beach for much longer, and if they wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on your things while you go for a swim. It’s as simple as that most times. You just need the tiniest of reasons to start a conversation…

  • Once they say yes then you can make a comment about how they look like they can handle themselves.
  • When you come back from your swim they’ll want to know what the water is like
  • You can ask them how many people’s teeth they had to break to defend your stuff

This will generate some conversation and from there you can invite them to play some games and offer some drinks from your cooler later.

Don’t get stuck worrying about your physical form. The vast majority of women find a man with confidence and humor much sexier than any of the meat heads at gym. Of course there are limits to how far the gut can stick out…

Don’t forget that every woman (actually at least 80%) love compliments about their looks and their bathing costumes. If you’re going to compliment her body then try not to be too specific. The best thing would be to flatter her without any sexual meaning, perhaps during a game of Frisbee, for example.


I love this video, it’s hilarious, but there’s also a lesson to be learnt…
Flirting with girls is a numbers game, the more you try the luckier you’ll get, and boy does this guy try!

Hey, he got a few maybes, lol

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As a last resort you can always do this cool magic trick at the beach which will get you a kiss on the lips as well…

If you would like to know how to do the trick it works like this:
Before he even begins the trick he already has a card signed with his name. He obviously has to have another card of the same type added to the deck. (Yes, you will have to buy a lot of cards.) The trick is when you get the girl to sign the card you distract her and swap the 2 cards. Then she will unknowingly place the prepared card in her mouth. Then he signs a card (which is irrelevant) and instead puts her card in his mouth.


Now it’s your turn. Do you have any good tips on how to flirt at the beach? Did any techniques work really well for you?
Let us know in the comments below.

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