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Nowadays if you want to win a girl over you not only need to be a master of dinner conversation but you’ll also need to know how to flirt through text messages. It’s important to avoid any keypad mistakes that you will regret the next day, and also to NOT trivialize the conversation. No banal messages please!

We’re going to show you how to compose the perfect SMS to flirt with girls, grab their curiosity and hold their attention. We’ll also give you examples of some fun text messages to flirt with a woman.

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How to use your phone to seduce a woman through text messages. seduce women with sms text messages turn-her-on-with-sms

Flirting via text message: What NOT to do.

 Don’t overload the woman or girl with messages.

how to flirt through textYou have to maintain self-control even if you want to write to her every second. Excess can lead to boredom but even worse, you may have left yourself with nothing to say when you finally meet again.

 Not everyone is creative but imagination does help, especially during the initial stages when the intrigue is still strong, where each one tries to “hit” the other with certain phrases for effect. We’ll give you some creative text messages further down.

 It’s essential to avoid the type of texting known as trivial or “service” texting, like the texts you get from your service provider.
“Hello, it was nice to meet you the other night”, “How is your day?”  =  Strike out!

We’ll show you how to spice up your text messages and create intrigue. And avoid getting into the habit of sending sms messages too fast, or even worse with grammatical errors. You don’t want her to think that you are lazy or uncaring.

How To Flirt Through Text Messages

Seduce-with-text-messages  Awaken her curiosity.

In a way the first texts that you send are like advertising, because you have a short window of opportunity to pique her curiosity. The first objective is to create an atmosphere that will pave the way to flirt with her. To achieve this, the first crucial thing to do is to avoid establishing a normal conversation.

Luckily, the advantage of text messages is being able to communicate without the usual social chit chat required in face to face situations. When you are sitting at a table the dialogue with a stranger tends to always touch on the same discussions.
The unique power of SMS is that it allows you to communicate in a totally different way, without fear and approach anxiety, and through the words of seduction.

6 Examples of Fun Text messages to Flirt With a Woman.

Using text messages to flirt with a woman should be fun, and even if you’re shy they can help you to create more attraction with women. Basically, you’ll have a major step up even before your first or second date.

 I’m a lucky guy! You’re the second beautiful women…

  • That’s texting me today.
  • That I’m texting today.
  • That I’ll be having a drink with today.

On the one hand you’re complimenting her, but at the same time you’re giving yourself high value (you know lots of beautiful women) making her a little jealous (you’re out with someone else) and you’re definitely piquing her curiosity. And then when she finds out that you were referring to your mom or sister, that’s another tick for good sense of humor.

 Every time I think of you I can’t help…

  • smiling (this will make her feel all warm and tingly knowing that she made you smile)
  • laughing about what you said (reminding her about something you did together keeps the memory fresh in her mind.


 Bet you’d never guess what would make my day better right now?

Of course she’s going to want to know what…

 I know what you’re thinking.

She certainly will try to find out and that is where you can tell her about a crazy date she had planned for you. Make it flirty and tease her with crazy ideas that she might come up with.

 Boy this is a crazy rough day. A hug from you would sure help about now.

She can’t help but smile at this one.

 I’m really busy, but I would burn my desk and all the work on if you took me somewhere fun.

So, with your text messages you should let her know that you want to spend some time with her, but you want to go about it in a fun unique way.  All the while letting her know that you are busy and that your time has value.
How To Use Text To Flirt With Women

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Timing your text messages

The art of flirting through text messages is not only about creating an atmosphere, but also about timing. If you just saved her number on your mobile phone and you immediately send a short message she will think that you are desperate and low value. Resist the first impulse to contact her immediately.

So when is the right time to first contact her? In order not to seem either too busy or too keen a day is just about right.
Now, if she doesn’t respond right away or at all to your first message, the wrong thing to do would be to send a second message soon after. This might only serve to be intrusive and irritating. So in the case of a non-response on her part, it would be better to wait a day or two before trying gain.

Most Important

How is this text message getting you closer to a date with the girl?
That’s what you need to keep reminding yourself before you reach text burn out stage.

Every SMS should be very flirty light and fun. Your messages should be a break from her working day not an added burden.

Don’t respond too quickly to the messages she sends. Remember you’re busy and in demand. Your time has value.

Text messages are not conversations, so leave the small talk for the date. If she wants to know more about you then tell her that you’ll reveal more on the (kinky/bondage/s&m/latex) evening she has planned for you…

Now it’s your turn. What worked for you? Do you have any cool ideas on how to flirt through text messages? Let us know below…

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