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This is a situation which is actually quite common. You like a girl but she likes another guy, And either he does not know that he is the object of her interest, or he is not able to take the initiative, does not want a serious relationship, is just not interested in her, or is interested but you’re hoping to make a move before things progress too far between them.

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The most favorable situation for you would be if he’s not interested in her, because a rival that is not in love poses less obstacles. In any case, if you want to turn the tables in your favor, you have to act soon to get that girl!

TOP 10 Tips: How To Get a Girl Who Likes Someone Else

 Do not feel defeated from the start: He may just be an infatuation of the moment, however, you need to step up your game. We’ll get to that…


 Do not consider yourself lesser than your opponent, otherwise you will appear as such and lose any chance of conquering her.

 Do not declare yourself to her (you haven’t done so already, right?) , or you may make her uncomfortable around you and she will try to cut the friendship. It may then become problematic to even see her again.

 Do not try to force her to choose between you and him. At the time her emotions may be up in the air and you risk losing the gamble.

 Do not speak bad of him and, if by chance she does compare the two of you, deal with the subject in a playful flirting way to show that you do not mind comparisons (you are sure that you are a good catch).

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TOP 5 Tips: How To Get a Girl Who Likes Someone Else

how to get a girl that likes someone else

 Try in any case to stay in touch with her even if just as a “friend”. Create opportunities to make strong emotional impacts. When she is with then always be fun, energetic, full of positive emotions and always try to have a great time. This is the best way to make her want to spend more time with you.

 Try to understand what attracts her to the other guy, what does she feel when she sees him. You must not emulate him and do not do the same things. You must be original, true to your personality and follow your inspiration.
For example, if she likes the guy because he is able to surprise her or because he makes her feel protected, try to make her feel the same way… but according to your personality, otherwise you may be in her eyes just be a bad copy.

 A little jealousy never hurts in these cases. If you can make her understand (without being too explicit) that you met an interesting girl the other day, or that there is someone who is interested in going out with you… then she may realize the risk of losing you. However this only works if you there is at least some attraction between the two of you.

 Enhance your presence to appear more attractive: A good sense of humor, the ability to flirt, take care of your appearance and style, and so on.

 Perseverance rewards: In the end she will choose the person who is the most consistent, reliable and genuinely interested in her and makes her feel the best, which is you of course!

Now it’s your turn. We’re you able to successfully get a girl that was interested in another guy?
Let us know what you did in the comments below.

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