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We’re going to show you some powerful techniques based on the science of attraction and intrigue.

You may, at first, think that this article only discusses how to get a woman to chase you but hang in there, everything will fall into place. You see you first have to pass a woman’s filters before you can intrigue a woman. And we’re going to show you a sneaky short cut to enable you to do this even with beautiful women who you wouldn’t normally think of approaching.

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How To Intrigue A Woman & Get Women To Chase You

Most men make the mistake of trying too hard to sell themselves and impress women. This is a terrible strategy to attract women. Rather, I will show you how to reverse the situation by intriguing woman and getting them to chase you .

Many guys are under the false impression that they have to sell themselves, meaning they have to brag a little about themselves in order to get women interested in them. The ironic thing is that by selling yourself you are actually makes yourself less attractive to women. Why is this?

Seduce-with-text-messages  Science can explain: As humans we are basically a collection of genes. Genes don’t actually have intelligence, but they do behave in ways to ensure their survival by means of optimal reproduction.

So how do our genes go about doing this? Well, they push us to be attracted to the people who allow us the best chance of survival. That’s why men, in general, prefer healthy looking woman with ample breasts and a hip to waist ratio that shows good reproductive potential.

Just think about how you feel when you see a really gorgeous girl. Your heart starts to race, your palms sweat, you would do anything to win her over if you could, and all this occurs without any conscious thought. Your genes are forcing this feeling. The same thing happens when a man displays the correct sexual signals. Woman can’t help but find this intriguing.


What makes women chase men and what intrigues a woman?

how to make women chase youOn this site you’ll find many great techniques on how to signal that you are an attractive person (through body language, flirting, smiling, touching, confidence, things you say etc). These articles how to approach a woman and create attraction and  how to flirt with a woman supplement the following information.

However, out of all these techniques there is one singular crucial method to show attractiveness and high value. If you had to read only 1 thing on this website then this is it…

The secret to getting women to run after you lies in the way people first behave when they meet.
In general people either:

1. Filter other people (this shows they have high value), or

2. They qualify themselves (this shows they have low value).

Filtering is done on a subconscious level by a high value person who is determining whether those around him or her are worthy of being brought into their lives and whether they can supply quality genes.
When a lower value person (someone who perceives himself/herself to have lower value) meets somebody they perceive as higher value then their genes will automatically want to pair with this person to maximize their chances of survival. What happens now is the lower value person will often engage in the type of behavior known as qualification.

Qualification is the act of selling yourself to others in an attempt to increase your own perceived value.
When a lower value person meets somebody of higher value he or she may then try to sell themselves by talking about how much money they make, how smart they are, how cultured they are etc. All of this is done to impress the higher valued person who is at the exact same time already filtering them out!

(It’s very Important to understand that the term High Value and Low Value are not specifically related to what you are probably already thinking: Body & Looks. They are in fact related to the value we see in ourselves, and therefore the value that we display.)

The irony in all of this is that while qualification is done to impress other people, the people with highly tuned social instincts (usually women) actually see it for what it is: It is a sign that you perceive yourself as a Lower Value person.

So how do we use this to our advantage?
We do this by not stepping into the normal pattern of behavior. We reverse the situation.

Getting Women To Chase YOU Instead

Example 1.
how to seduce womenThink of a very beautiful woman…
From the time she was born she was told she was pretty and that men are going to be attracted to her. It has been reinforced on a daily basis where men are constantly lusting after her and chasing her. They tell her how rich they are, how many things they have, what they can buy her, they show how muscular they are, they speak about how many degrees they have, and about the latest song they wrote.

She has the choice of pretty much any man in the room, and while all these men are qualifying themselves to her it is her job to filter them out. The only thing these men are achieving is to demonstrate lower value. Her genes are simply filtering them out, all the time.

Example 2.
Brad Pitt walks into the room. The situation changes instantly, the women in the room, including your friend, would instantly gravitate towards him. Do you believe that he would start qualifying himself? That’s highly unlikely, rather he is the one that will start doing the filtering and they will be the ones qualifying. “Wow I love your movies”, ” I do yoga everyday I’m very flexible”,  “You should taste my home cooking”,  “I have blow job lips”.
He is the high value target and they are the ones trying to impress. He has his choice of any woman in the room.

These examples illustrate one important rule.
The person doing the filtering is the one with the power.  Since women are usually the ones doing the filtering you have to do reverse the situation and get women to chase you. Sounds intriguing but right now you’re thinking, “Holy cr&p, how do I do this? I’m not Brad Pitt!”

There is one important trick that you can use your advantage. Remember, 90% of our reactions (and therefore attractions) are subconscious. A women’s subconscious can most definitely be influenced by our behavior and action. If we can get her to follow a certain pattern of behavior we can begin to influence the thoughts that she will have.

The way we do this is to get her to start qualifying to you. When she does this her subconscious will ask “Why am I acting this way?”, and the brain will respond, “because I am attracted to him”.

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3 Steps to get a woman to chase you

 Stop qualifying yourself.

intriguing womenInstead build attraction through the proper use of the techniques I have already shown you (see the links I provided before). The simple act of not qualifying your self will often build intrigue and attraction. She will begin to accept that you are higher value and she may even start to qualify herself to you.

If she doesn’t voluntarily start trying to qualify herself then move on to step 2 .

(Below these three steps I’ll provide some excellent techniques on how to intrigue a woman with conversation which you can also use in steps of this section.)

 Make her qualify herself.

Ask leading questions. An example of this would be “tell me about yourself, you seem pretty cool, what’s your deal?” You’ll notice, it’s not only a question it’s also an opinions. Another one would be, “Tell me 3 things I don’t already know about you?” When she responds to this qualification and hopefully answers then the next step is to reward and encourage her behavior.
(Other questions: “What are you passionate about?”, “Tell me a few interesting things about yourself?”

 Reward and encourage her behavior.

Accept and appreciate her qualification by saying that’s cool, and show positive body language by leaning towards her and showing interest.

The simple act of listening and leading her through these steps will increase her attraction towards you, and help her to conceive you as the high value man in the room.

The process of qualification is actually very simple. Just offer her many opportunities to open up. (See the section below on how to intrigue a woman for additional help.)

If she refuses to qualify herself then there are a couple of things that you can try.

1.  Try to make the question more specific. If the question seems too broad then she might just not know what to say. For example, if you say “you seem pretty cool what’s your deal” and she responds “well I don’t know, what do you mean by that?” You can respond with “you know… what do you do for fun, what makes you smile?”

2. Remove some pressure. If you place too much pressure on the question it might make her feel uncomfortable. To ease things up give her some negative body language. Turn your shoulders away as if you are not pressurizing her to respond.

3.  Wait until later in the conversation. She doesn’t have to qualify herself immediately. It’s no big deal just go back to some flirting, keep it light, and then try again after a few minutes.

If none of these steps work then don’t worry too much about it. Not all women are going to be into you when they first meet you. If that is the case then there is not too much you can do to trick her into liking you. And for all you know she might be into chicks…

In that case the best strategy would be to move. If you see her again just be friendly but don’t try to force the attraction. Remember, the more you chase the more she will run away. After seeing you a few more times in a happy positive state you may actually win her over. Seeing you a lot can be just as attractive as flirting and some people are just a bit more sparing with their feelings at first. They may be socially trained to keep you at a distance for a bit.

How to Intrigue a Woman

Intriguing a woman with conversation.

Create mystery around yourself.

create intrigueThere should be an imbalance in the amount of information that you know about each other. Usually this is not difficult to achieve as most people enjoy talking about themselves, and before they know it they have told you a lot more about themselves than you have shared.

When you are asked about your life then you can use deflective statements… in a fun way course.

For example:
Oh wow, you just reminded of something!
I suppose I don’t fit into any category.

The idea is to provide a little information but you don’t go into detail. For example she tells you about what she does for fun, and when she asks you then you can say “lots of things, but talking to you is by the far the most fun”. “How old are you?” Old enough to know that…

You’ll slowly pull her into this exciting yet frustrating game. She’ll want to know more and won’t know why you aren’t revealing your secrets, and that’s the intrigue. She’ll wonder if you’re hiding something? If you’re scared to talk about certain things?
In case you don’t already know, all women love a good mystery!

When you have created enough intrigue, you must keep it going, at least until the 2nd or 3rd date (if it heads that way) then after that it’s natural to divulge more information, otherwise things may just get weird. In the beginning she might insist for answers but it’s important to remain a mystery so that you can generate the maximum amount of attraction and intrigue.

 You know an Amazing fun secret.

Act & feel like you know this incredible and fun secret. It makes you feel cool and excited. For example imagine that you met a famous actress that just tried to seduce you…or maybe you just won this amazing prize.
Keep thinking about this incredible secret and let it effect the way you feel. Then take this feeling through to when you approach girls. It’s amazing the sort of intriguing energy you will give off. Women will think know something about them that you are not saying. Of course, you don’t mention your secret, maybe you say you just thought of something and you’ll tell her later…

 Walk away once.

Remember to walk away at least once (but not too often), especially if the conversation is going well and if you need another opportunity to not answer another question lol. This is important because it shows you’re not needy, it gives you more value and she needs to wonder at least once whether she is interesting enough for you to return.


The process of qualifying can be complicated at times. It can happen that while you are trying to get her to qualify she will be trying to get you to qualify.

The way women do this is in the form of tests. She might ask what you do for a living, how old you are, whether you are going to buy her a drink. She might make statements like, you look nervous, or shy, or even that she only dates confident men.

The key thing to remember is that these tests are a good sign, she is actually doing this because she is interested and sees you as a potential mate. If she didn’t think this way she wouldn’t even bother to give you the time of day.

However this is a key point where where most men fail. If you don’t respond correctly to the questions in her test she is going to lose attraction. Remember she is trying to assert that she is the prize and it’s crucial that you don’t fall into this trap.

See this video for more techniques about how to reverse the frame, create high value for yourself and how to intrigue a woman. If you aren’t already using these these easy to follow steps then you may be missing out on lots of opportunities to create attraction and seduce women.

This double whammy of getting her to qualify herself in combination with being intriguing to a woman is a very powerful technique. It will have the women crazy for you.

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