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How to tell if a woman likes you? What are the signs of female attraction?

Well firstly you’re going to have to talk to her. Unless the woman is licking her lips at you from across the room, gesturing with her index finger for you to approach her, or opening her legs to show you she isn’t wearing any underwear, then the chances are the signs of female attraction are going to be a lot more subtle…

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Female body language signs that show she is interested

Luckily the signs of female attraction are hard to hide as they are usually communicated subconsciously. If she is attracted to you it will be revealed in her body language! And once you have learned to decipher these messages you will be able to act with confidence because you already know that she likes you.


Seduce-with-text-messages  There are two fundamental aspects to master with regards to body language.

The ability to read the non-verbal language of the women you like. This way you can instantly assess what is the best way forward, moment by moment. In this regard, you will find everything you need in the Tao of Badass.

The ability to use your body language to convey the best image of yourself in whatever situation you find yourself. See best male body language to attract women.


How to tell when a woman is attracted to you

 26 Signs of female attraction that shows a woman likes you:

 When she blinks, and lowers her gaze to look shy she is showing her vulnerability, which is a typically female.

 When you look at her and she runs her fingers through her hair to fix them. It means she wants to look more beautiful and get noticed by you.

 When she tilts her head to the side and her hair falls away and exposes her neck then she is showing her vulnerability and femininity. Showing the neck is very important. It not only means she is attracted but she is also a little submissive.

 The wrists are an area rich in nerve endings and actually quite erotic to some women, if she shows them it’s for a reason !

 When she talks to you and bites her lower lip. Well, I think we’ve all seen enough movies to get the gist of this gesture.

 She sucks in her tummy and inflates her chest to enlarge her breasts. Men also do this gesture when they meet a woman they find attractive. They want to look in shape and show their best physical appearance.

 She brushes past you and “accidentally” touches you with her ​​breasts. A woman would never do such a gesture inadvertently. This is a voluntary act designed to measure your sexual interest. What to do from here? Well, do I really need to spell it out?!

 She finds any excuse to be nearer to you… she can’t hear you properly, there’s not enough space, the view is better etc.

 She touches you often to accentuate a point, or while laughing at what you said or by “mistake”. It means she is doing everything possible to transfer her positive energy to you.

 She continuously adjusts her clothes to put more emphasis on her femininity when she is looking at you.

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 She plays with her rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry while watching you. She is venting her desire to touch you by using symbolic objects.

 She fondles phallic shaped objects (pens, bottles, glasses etc. ) while she is focusing on you. Hmmm, I think you’re in with a chance.

 She fastens your shirt button, adjusts your tie or picks bits from your clothes, even if they are imaginary. She’s showing her desire to take care of you, this is a highly significant gesture and quite advanced.

 She licks her lips a little with her tongue while talking. This is the first step towards a kiss.

 You notice her ​​pupils are very dilated. The dilation of the pupils is an involuntary reaction by human beings when we are in front of people that we like.

 She keeps good eye contact with you, again trying to create a deeper bond with you.

How to tell when a woman is attracted to you: Final 10 Female Attraction signals

She asks a lot of questions.

She talks with you more often than with other people in the group. Very simply it means that at that moment she is more interested in you than the others.

She blushes when you talk to her or look at her.

She mirrors your body language. It means that she is in tune with you and also slightly submissive.

 She tilts or leans her body forward to you. This is positive body language. She wants to close the gap between you.

 She repeats your movements: When you drink she drinks, if you lean against a wall so does she, when you cross a leg so does she, when you lean towards her she also leans a little in.

 She makes excuses to whisper in your ear. She wants to be kissed.

 Her body position is open, facing you, and she is smiling. It means that she wants your company.

 She raises the hem of the skirt before she sits down, and so you able to see her legs. It’s no coincidence, she wants to provoke you! It’s one thing to pull down her skirt to adjust it, but it is very different to raise it in order to compose herself.

 She asks you if her clothes are fine. Although the question seems harmless, she is really trying to draw your attention to her body.

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