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Well, if you’re brave enough (or stupid enough) to use any of these naughty pick up lines then you deserve as many sexy horny women that can throw themselves at you.
DISCLAIMER: By the way, you’re on your own with these “icebreakers”!

If you have any funny dirty pick up lines of your own then share them in the comments below…

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Naughty Pick Up Lines – Best Dirty Chat Up Lines


Are you poison? It doesn’t matter, I’m willing to die just to eat you.

Are you a condom? Because I feel safe with you.

Are you a pump? Because when I’m around you something keeps swelling.

Which you like to come back to my photography darkroom? And we can see what develops?

If you think the big bang is just a theory then you need to come back to my place.

I am an organ donor. Do you need anything?

Back to my place? Breathe for yes, and lick the back of your knee for no.

Excuse me, if you could choose between Brad Pitt, Adam Levine and me.
With whom would you rather sleep tonight, bearing in mind that Pitt and Levine are raging homosexuals?


Even More Of The Best Dirty Naughty Pick Up Lines


You’ll also have to remove your underwear.
Excuse me?
It wasn’t you who asked for a quickie in the toilets just now?

Would you like to be on my album? It’s a 12 inch single.

I’m not feeling myself today. Are you?

Could I interest you in some pizza and sex? What, you don’t like pizza?what to say to a woman

Are you a lumber jack? Because you keep giving everybody wood.

If you talk to me… I’m going to rip your clothes off and shag you right here.

I think I left your make up in your back pocket. Could I check?

I think I left my baguette between your breasts. Could I check?

I think I left my pastrami sandwich between your breasts. Could I check?

Let’s not mess with evolution, we’re the best of our species and we’re here to make babies so let’s get to it.

Would you help me find my Labrador puppy? I think he wondered into some cheap motel room around the corner.

The chances of us seeing each other again are not good, wanna f&ck?!

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You remind me of my horny step mom who’s always trying to sleep with me.

To a group of girls: Would you and your friends like to go down on me?

If you’d like I can stir that drink for you with my còck… from 12 inches away.

F@ck me if i’m wrong but aren’t you a famous lingerie model?

I like your clothes. They would look great in a bundle next to my bed.

You have nice knees. Would you like to dirty them on my floor?

You me, spandex, kitchen gloves, olives and duct tape. You interested?

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