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In contrast to other senseless shootings where the single most important question of WHY usually remains unanswered, in the case of Elliot Rodgers he goes to great details to answer the WHY – you can see the Elliot Rodger Video on YouTube below, titled Elliot Rodger’s Retribution.

In his video Elliot says that:
He is 22 years old, still a virgin and he has never kissed a girl.
He says he’s lonely and it’s not fair.
Girls have never been attracted to him and he will punish them for it.

He sees their rejection as a crime, an injustice, he doesn’t know what women don’t see in him.
He says he’s the perfect guy and yet the girls keep throwing themselves at obnoxious men instead of him, a supreme gentleman.

rejected by womenAnd then he goes on to describe how he’s going to slay all the girls who he liked but weren’t attracted to him.
And how he will then become the true alpha male.

From inside his BMW he talks about the kids that have lived a better life than him.
(Would that be those living in war zones in Syria, the child workers in Asia, or the ones in areas of famine in Africa?)

He continues to ramble on and on about the same theme in a repetitive childish manner using inane clichés. The kid clearly hasn’t been challenged enough in life and can’t come up with an original thought or idea. Imagine that, girls were bored with him.

So the WHY is definitely answered; he states that his constant rejection by women, his inability to attract women (which is unfathomable to him given that he thought he was the perfect man) and the fact that other guys (who he sees as lesser than himself) seem to attract the girls he likes.
In his mind he had already justified this brutal disgusting killing spree where many innocent people were killed.

Now, I don’t want to get into the debate about the right to keep and bear arms, the 2nd Amendment, the NRA etc.
I believe there are other sites out there that can do a far better job than me in addressing that hot potato.

What I would like are your opinions… if you really believe that Elliot Rodgers inability to attract women and his constant rejection by women were what caused him to believe (in his disturbed mind) that some type of retribution against women was warranted?
Do you really believe that constant rejection by women can cause someone to take revenge on society, or does it have to be something else?

In my opinion, he comes across as spoiled, arrogant, privileged, obnoxious and entitled. I’m struggling to see the correlation with Asperger syndrome (a form of Autism), which is what some people would have you believe is the reason behind these crimes. Perhaps the answer is not with the expensive medical practitioners catering to the rich and famous.
To me the kid just sounds like a whiny b!tch who never had to fight for anything in his life.

Want to know why those guys got the women and you didn’t? Because they actually had to fight for things in their lives, they have been through challenging life situations, and that’s what creates character. And it’s this character that makes people interesting to talk to and compelling to women. Unlike a spoiled little rich kids who gets everything in life handed to him on a plate and then when people with free will do not conform to his entitled expectations he throws his toys out the cot.


Elliot Rodger Video on YouTube: Elliot Rodger’s Retribution