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If you are an affiliate then you may have received an email stating that the product ‘seduction mind hacks‘ by John Mulvehill and Josh Lewis has been disabled in the Clickbank market place.

If you are a customer who has recently visited the seduction mindhacks website and decided to purchase the course then you will see this message when you visit the sales page:

This product is inactive and/or no longer for sale. This product has been disabled for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Limited quantities
  • Limited offer period
  • Terms of service violation

I would like to add a few of my opinions here, and maybe a few other affiliates can help me with their thoughts.

Firstly, I have been in touch with the mind hacks support staff and they have assured me the site will be up and running again by the end of the month with a new affiliate system and payment platform.

That said, looking at it from the potential customer’s point of view, it’s obvious that seeing that sort of message from Clickbank is going to cause some brand damage and loss of confidence in the product. Does it deserve it?

I have the course, I have been through it and watched the videos. What these guys do is exactly as stated on the box! They show you exactly the steps required to pick up and sleep with women, and you can see them explaining and doing it all in live video – many of which has been recorded from live situations.
The main difference between this and other courses is that unlike just talking about it these very average looking guys actually go out and prove their ‘formula’ over and over again. And this is why I was so excited about this product.
It actually does what is says. TICK.
When I have written to them (multiple times) they answered me each time immediately! TICK.

So, WTF Clickbank?!

Now, I can understand that there is a little bit of a panic going on at Clickbank since Google declared all out war on affiliate marketing.

Google: The only Gay in the village…

and this reflects in Clickbank’s Alexa rankings:

However, if you do an investigation on most large websites related to affiliate marketing you’ll see that they have also suffered at the hands of Google. Check the Alexa rankings of the large CPA and PPC networks (Neverblue, Maxbounty, Peerfly, Clickbooth, Infolinks, Chitika, Clicksor, Shareasale, Commission Junction, Sitesell and even Warrior Forum) and see how their traffic has dropped.

Bottom Line: Google doesn’t want any distractions when they promote either their own products or their own affiliated products. (This is easy to do… when users enter buyer keyword phrases then Google places information websites – think Wikipedia –  in the organic search results that don’t compete with their Adwords results, or their own products in the organic searches.)

So I can’t help but think that Clickbank’s reaction is somewhat of a knee jerk to try and ‘clean house’, and to make Clickbank a more family friendly market place so that they will somehow improve their image in the eyes of Google.
But here’s the thing: I don’t know of a single person that visits the Clickbank market place to actually buy a product. The vast majority of clients are introduced to Clickbank products via affiliate websites, and the only Clickbank page they end up actually seeing is the payment processing page!

I think the last thing Clickbank should be doing now is upsetting more affiliates. Especially since a) the majority of their traffic comes from affiliates and b) Clickbank may have had the monopoly for digital products a few years back but recently many good alternatives have appeared.

Certainly everyone has the right to change their mind, and no doubt Clickbank will have that fact plastered throughout their terms and conditions but I believe the decent thing would have been to forewarn the seduction mindhacks team so that they could have had time to install another affiliate network and payment processor before they were removed from Clickbank.

As it is, they lose quite a bit of income and suffer a certain amount of unnecessary brand damage. And that’s not to mention the hassle caused to all the affiliates who now have to change links and HTML code on their sites, Youtube videos articles etc.

And then the obvious question is: “Why accept the product in the first place?”

Please Note: I am in no way related to the owners of Seduction Mindhacks. I do however wish to sell their product and will be joining them on whichever affiliate platform they choose to continue marketing their product.