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Seduction Techniques for Seducing a Woman Fast

Even if seducing a woman appears as a spontaneous thing, and is different from case to case, there actually exists a process; a pattern that is repeated every time, and which consists of well-defined phases. You can achieve a greater awareness of what you should be doing whenever you want to conquer a woman by following specific Seductions Techniques.

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We have outlined these 7 steps that go from the moment you see her to the first kiss.

7 KEY Seduction Techniques for Seducing a Woman Fast

 Choosing the “target”.

Most men do not stop to think about this very important initial step but rather get carried away by the circumstances, or they try to seduce all the women in a group, thereby making no one person feel special.
Some men choose to only target the women who first show some signs of interest. If your intentions are to build a lasting relationship then this is the correct strategy, if this is not your intention then this criterion can be unnecessarily limiting.

The Approach.

Depending on the situation and your character you will need to consider whether it is more appropriate to make a direct bold approach or to do something more discrete. In any case, you will need to take the initiative firmly, without wavering. Something more discrete would be an exchange of glances, a smile (see this article on how to smile at women) otherwise you approach directly with an icebreaker (see these fun conversation starters); the sole aim here is to initiate conversation…  this will then give you an opportunity to advance to the next step. See this article on the best ways to approach a woman – according to women.

Building Attraction.

Seduce-with-text-messages  This is definitely the most complex phase. If you are an expert seducer you will need just a few minutes to create attraction otherwise this step will take longer, even days. The methods for creating attraction are the ones that you probably already know: flirt with her (here are the top flirting techniques), make her laugh, tease her, show her that you have high value, make her feel safe, act boldly, and so on. It ‘s  important that you have managed to pull her into the attraction phase before proceeding with the next steps. See this article on what to say to a woman to charm her and excite her.

Deeper Rapport.

At this stage you’ll get to know her better, talk about more intimate issues that she has to deal with in her life, put her at ease, show her that there is harmony between the two of you, that she can trust you, that she can relate to you because you have similar issues… This step is very important because in order to seduce a woman it is not enough that there is physical attraction: she must be fully interested in the things you are talking about, and be able to relate to your character and life.
NOTE: This phase must come after the building attraction phase, NOT before, otherwise you will just become a dear friend!

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 Physical contact.

You must show immediately the type of relationship you want with her! You don’t want to just be friends.

It’s important to include physical contact. You have to start with seemingly random and spontaneous physical contacts of very short duration (for example, give her a pat on the back, remove an eyelash from her face, touch her elbow, arm or leg to show her something) And then, if you get positive signals, gradually increase the dose (eg, hug her, hold her hand, etc. ).
See this article about Techniques to incorporate more touching.

 Check Indicators of interest.

Before trying to ” finish “, you should first check if she is “cooked to perfection “, i.e. the attraction test. Is she in the mood to be kissed. You’ll understand a whole series of non-verbal signals (intense eyes and dilated pupils, physical proximity, smile, posture denoting openness, etc.). Besides the fact that laughs at your jokes and responds to flirt with the flirting. This phase represents the “green light” for the next one. See this article about signs that show if a woman is attracted to you.


By “close” we mean the achievement of your goal. What allows you to say that you have “closed”? Generally, the kiss is a significant point of closure, as is its acceptance to your advances; everything that comes after is a bonus. At this stage you should know there is still the risk of rejection, however if you paid attention to all the previous stages, then the risk will be very small.

So get used to following these seduction techniques and eventually you’ll be surprised at how fast you can speed up the seduction process. Everything that comes after will depend on your intentions, and may lead to many single nights of passion or a lasting relationship.

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