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Are Joshua Pellicer & Jordan Harbinger Scammers or Genius Pick Up Artists?

So, we have bought and reviewed our fair share of dodgy ‘pick up women‘ and ‘seduce women‘ systems and guides.
Some were just OK, some were outright Scams, and others crossed the moral line of socially acceptable behavior.
The common problem with many of these PUA (Pick Up Artist) courses is

the “experts” expect you to become somebody you’re not.

pick up artists incorrect behavior They teach you to replicate their behavior and do as they do, but this only works for a small percentage of males out there. Those who may already have a similar personality type.

If you’re not being yourself then this is actually damaging to your relationships and social behavior!
You’re not enhancing your own personality and developing important social skills which are not only relevant to dating but to your social life in general.

Some Pick Up Artists defend the fact that they are helping people to develop social skills, but many of the techniques they use are based on manipulation and persuasion rather than tact skills.
Being cocky and direct may attract some girls but it won’t create attraction with a girl who isn’t initially attracted to that type of character or to you in the first place, .

So How does the Tao Of Badass Compare to Other Pick Up Women Systems?

Review: Tao Of Badass ebook & Video Course.

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Experts who teach real life social skills understand that everybody is different. Each person (and social situation) might require a different type of behavior/social skill. You need to be attuned for body language and subtle messaging, and you’ll require the insight to act according to what the situation demands.

The Tao Of Badass is the first audio and video guide I have found that actually pays attention to the individual character. They help you to discover your unique talents (we all have one) and where your strengths and weaknesses lay.
You’ll find out which situations and even locations work best according to your personality and strengths.

The Tao of Badass acknowledges that not ALL of us are suited to picking up girls in night clubs and bars.

So who are the Authors of the Tao of Badass?

Joshua Pellicer & Jordan Harbinger Background check – Credibility Rating

tao of badass credibility rating

Hmmm, quite an impressive CV

Before buying the product I first did some investigating…

I discovered that Joshua & Jordan have appeared on various TV shows including The Today Show on MSNBC (I have a Video clip just below), the NY Daily News, the New York Press, as well as Current TV and G4 TV (a part of the Esquire Network.)
The Interview with G4 TV and Jordan is further down.

Joshua & Jordan also host a Radio show on Sirius Satellite (formerly Maxim Radio) called ‘Game On‘ where they answer questions and give dating advice.

They are founders of ‘The Art of Charm‘, a New York based company which specializes in dating coaching for both men and women.
They have also hosted numerous seminars and workshops in New York which teach skills and techniques that help their customers to interact with strangers and build relationships.

Joshua Pellicer has worked with Anthony Robbins Company and been special adviser to the Axe Bodyspray brand.

Joshou and his partner Jordan Harbinger on The Today Show

Click Here to visit Joshua and Jordan at Tao of Badass and Grab some more Women Attraction Techniques.


What can the Tao Of Badass do for me? What is the course about?

Joining the Tao Of Badass is like getting a knowledge injection which contains the psychology of social interactions and relationships.
Sounds like a mouthful, but unlike the boring industry jargon spouted in many self esteem, motivation and transformation books… this is like the nuts and bolts of how a woman’s mind works. It’s a practical down to earth guide that shows step by step what you should be doing in various situations.
Josh and Jordan’s talents lie in the fact that they have the ability to help people thoroughly grab the concept.

Let’s examine the system …

Inside the Tao Of Badass Members Area?

I can’t give out all the secrets but I will do as in depth a review of Tao Of Badass as possible.


Course Content

The Tao of Badass eBook Summary

(NOTE: The eBook is available in Audio format and can be downloaded to your computer, phone, MP3, USB or whatever, and listened to while driving, jogging etc.)

a) Gender Roles.

This section is a lot more critical than what I initially presumed.
Josh explains how gender roles and attraction traits have changed, why you are attracted to a specific type of woman, and why a woman is attracted to a specific man.

The Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest‘ theory no longer applies. The provider-protector, hunter-gatherer roles are outdated, and often reversed. Whether you’re the CEO of a large financial company or a waiter, the playing field is a lot more even than it may have been 50 years ago. Everybody has the ability to be irresistible to attractive women but you’ll first need to understand what gender role signals you are giving off.

b) Confidence (and concentrating on your actual belief system).

A break down of where true confidence comes from, how to improve it and create more of it, and why women are so attracted to it.
Josh explains how your brain works and also gives you a Step by Step system that will help make the necessary changes to your belief system and radically boost your natural confidence levels.
(This is about being confident in society with socially acceptable behavior, NOT ‘douche bag arrogance’ that is actually anti-society and not true confidence at all.)

c) The step by step system.

how to attract beautiful womenThis is why we’re all here. We want to know How to Pick Up Women!
Here they discuss the framework that needs to be in place in order for you to hugely increase your success with women.
It concentrates on your strengths and weaknesses and works on techniques and scenarios that are appropriate to your character, AND gives concrete advice about positive body language.

It shows you step by step how to talk to different types of girls, what to speak about, how to build rapport, how to gain attraction, how to ramp up conversations to sexual flirting, how to ask for a phone number, how to get a first date, and of course, how to keep the woman.

d) The Approach (and how to build attraction).

Josh deconstructs the average guy’s approach mechanism and explains why it’s not correct.
He shows some different, and really cool approaches that takes a LOT of the nerves and fear out of the process (this section was Gold to me).
He talks about the reactions that you can expect from women and what you should do.
(He also gives powerful techniques that will help you to overcome approach anxiety.)

The important thing you’ll discover after this section of the course, is that you will know exactly where to direct your energy and attention so that you get best return on your time.
Your efforts will be more streamlined to the women that truly deserve your time and attention.

e) How to pass a woman’s filter and ‘pre qualify’ tests.

Women’s intuition helps them determine very quickly if the confidence that men portray is natural or exaggerated. They do this for many reasons. Josh explains why women filter guys out, what they really want, and why they do what they do.

Click Here to Visit the Tao Of Badass.

f) Reading body language.

Knowing how to read body language is crucial in social interactions. These skills help save you time, avoid potentially embarrassing situations, and streamline your efforts towards attracting the women with whom you stand the most chance of success. (A Badass is, among other things, great at reading body language).
There are clear guidelines on what to be attentive about in a woman’s body language, and how to improve your own body language.
There is also a separate in depth video course (discussed below) that compliments this section.

tao of badass how to seduce women

g) Creating love (and how to make a woman fall in love with you).

This is a very powerful chapter, so you’ll want to make sure that you 1) have first developed your other skills, 2) are at the right stage in a new relationship, 3) are ready for this level of intensity from another woman and 4) are certain that you would like to take the mystery out of falling in love.
Some people prefer to keep the mystery in love (I’m one of them), so depending on you it might not be ideal to have love deconstructed right in front of your eyes.

h) You really need to avoid these common and detrimental mistakes that men make when interacting with women.

For example, not enough touching. Not the perv kind, but small signals to her that ensure you don’t get filed into the friend category.

i) The Bonus section to the Badass eBook includes:

How to break up with women,
How to never end up in the friend zone,
Making sure she never cheats on you and
How to handle polygamy.

Hacking Attraction Video Course

This consists of 4 videos of about 30 minutes each. (I’m a visual learner so this was helpful.) You can also download the videos direct to your desktop and then watch them whenever you want, rather than always stream direct from the site.

Video 1) Understanding who you are, what you want and what usually holds you back.
Video 2) Learning your super power. You’ll discover if you’re “Skilled“, a Learner, Connector, Framer, or a combination of some of these.
You’ll find out how intuitive you are, whether you have to really think things through or if you can get a natural feel for the situation.

Don’t misunderstand, there are no rights or wrongs or better skill sets; rather, you’ll discover where your efforts should be concentrated according to your unique strengths and weaknesses, and what you can do to improve other aspects of your ‘game’.
Video 3) Self development.
How to properly utilize your strengths and shed false beliefs that are holding you back.
The 4 stages to mastering attraction with women.
The first steps on your new road to constant and rapid improvement.
Video 4) Changing Your Beliefs.

Bonus audio guides
Clear steps to increase your self belief and confidence.
Body Language Video Course (In depth and very detailed.)
Many people have said that this part of the course alone helped them the most.
The body language mastery course is very thorough and is divided into 6 training videos:
Eye contact, Touch, Negative Body Language, Psychological space, Dominant body language and a Bonus Webinar.
Bonus eBooks, attraction flow charts, and audio presentations from some of Josh’s mentors.
Tao Of Badass Member’s Area
tao of badass members area

The membership area has dozens (and many times over a hundred) active members at any given time.
There are also mentors who are available to help you with relationship/seduction/attraction advice etc. via live chat once you are a member of the site.
(There is no additional fee for the members area.)

IMO the membership area is an underrated part of this program.
There is huge value in being able to compare your experiences with others, bounce ideas off them, and to see what new techniques are also working. In addition the mentors are able to give advice about very specific questions/issues that are particular to you and your situation.

There are also a lot of enlightening and helpful posts by existing members that cover everything from getting out of the friend zone to increasing intimacy in conversation.
No other course offers anything like this.

The downside

work to attract womenYou have to be the one willing to improve certain aspects of your character.
You don’t have to change your personality but you will definitely need to make a conscious effort to put the work in, to get out there and to make an effort.
This is not a magic pill. You won’t all of a sudden find girls flocking to you within 24 hours. You need to ask yourself if you are genuinely willing to put your time and effort into making real improvements to your life.


What impressed me

This is not your typical course that presents obvious and clichéd pick up scenarios, rather, it’s a down to earth and applicable to real life situations. You don’t have to be a carbon copy of the dating coach because that’s the only techniques they know and the only way they know how to teach.

You won’t learn to disrespect women. This is a strategy to improve your relationship skills and confidence with all people, not only women. It teaches you to understand yourself and supplies the knowledge and skills to help you grow as an individual.
It helps you to cultivate the right attitude and perspective which in turn will guide you to the gorgeous girls that are best suited to YOUR personality.


OK, that’s my Tao Of Badass Review. Click Here to Visit the Tao Of Badass.



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