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We “eavesdropped” on groups of women for you, because we wanted to know exactly what makes a man attractive to women.
These are the top 5 traits that came up most frequently in conversation when women were discussing what male personality traits turn them on.

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Fun & Exciting

Women love to have fun, and they much prefer it if the guy who approaches them shows that he doesn’t take life too seriously. He’s not a clown, he just doesn’t dive into heavy conversations, or approach without energy.

Inject energy into your voice when you speak and be sure to change the tone.  Do you remember that science or maths teacher in school whose listless monotone voice helped you to catch up on hours of lost sleep? You want to be the opposite of that.

Say “Yes” to doing different things, take yourself out of your comfort zone.  If you get the opportunity to do something new then go for it.

Don’t think about what’s wrong with a place, the conditions, the activities, the people etc. Focus on enjoying yourself.
Don’t wait for people to entertain you, rather take the initiative and come up with some fun ideas.
Keep the conversations light and playful, never complain about arbitrary things or act uptight.

  Confidence (and how doing No 1 breeds confidence…)

Seduce-with-text-messages  If you are able to laugh at yourself then this says a lot to women:

a) You are comfortable with who you are; which is an incredible aphrodisiac for women.
b) You are confident enough to show up some of your flaws, which means you must have other amazing qualities that she’ll be intrigued to discover.
c) You are NOT taking life too seriously; and this is incredibly important when you first meet a woman.
d) Things don’t stress you out too much so you will be a good shoulder to lean on when life throws your lady a curve ball.

Contrary to what some glossy magazines will have you believe, women find men who seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders really boring. It’s not sexy and it just says to women that you’ll get stressed out about the little things in life.

Have a strong self awareness, but without forcing it on others.
Know your likes and dislikes and don’t be afraid to speak up for what you believe in without being argumentative or egoistic.
Don’t be afraid to take the lead with ladies. If you have an idea then propose it and go for it.

  A Passion

fun and exciting hobby or passionMen who have less time due to their passion are actually more attractive to women.
Why? Because their time has value (in the eyes of women).  Every moment spent with a girl is time that you specifically put aside especially for her.

There is one caveat; your activities should be social. Playing chess or computer games online doesn’t cut it. There has to be actual physical interaction with other people in a social situation.

Additional Tip: Have an exciting vision and direction for where your life is going (or at least act as though you do).
Women find men with a passion and sense of purpose very inspiring and attractive.
It’s not about what material possessions you have but MORE about what you’re capable of being and what you have the courage to go and grab. Sell the Dream Man!

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  Physical Appearance

Whoa, slow down there before jump to all sorts of conclusions!
Height and weight ARE important to women however in relation to their OWN height and weight. If you’re too short/tall or too slim/abundant in relation to them then it will take more work on your part to get them to appreciate your fun & confident nature.

It’s all about being fair, if you’re looking after health then it’s fair to expect that in a partner, however if you have let yourself go then you’re going to need heaps of confidence and the most amazing sense of humor to find someone that’s not of your height and weight.


  Become the best version of yourself.

Everyone is good at something. Find your skill.
For some people this is harder than others but don’t take no for an answer, and while you’re at it stop beating yourself up about the fact that you think you don’t have anything special to offer. I promise you that you do!

The first thing to do is to take a step back from trying to approach women. Find out what that diamond is within yourself and start to remove some of the layers of carbon.
Maybe you’re a humanitarian serving the homeless, or maybe you have this crazy drive to be the next CEO of a fortune 100 company. The point is, the power associated with you appearing like you are going somewhere is attractive to women.

Serve others, inspire others, and do it in a way that fits your personality best.  Your inner strength and attractiveness will start to shine through and people WILL notice this.


Best Advice: Find YOUR Type

What about LOOKS?” I hear you say.

This quality didn’t even enter the top 5 of most women.
That hour or so you spend each day worrying about your looks will be better spent working on social skills that women actually DO find attractive.
Some women like tall & dark, some like facial hair, some want chiseled with blue eyes others like nerds, some want cuddly, heck some women even have male genitalia! The point is that you’re NOT going to be appealing to all women all of the time and that has absolutely nothing to do with you.
And to throw an additional spanner in the works, women are attracted to different men depending on where they are in their monthly cycle. When they are most fertile they prefer dominant confident manly-men, and during the lesser fertile stages they prefer caring tender men who are good listeners.

Phew, Go figure!
Do you now see why you should be out there spending more time doing, and less time worrying about getting rejected?
Treat it like a numbers game (with respect to the ladies of course). Find the girls that find YOU attractive (there is no substitute for trial and error) and concentrate your time and efforts on them.


The biggest turnoffs for a woman:

a) The Unexperienced Romantic

Men who are still boys because they are obsessed with their idealized version of the perfect women. They often place women above them in their conversations and actions.
It’s very obvious to women that these types of men have little experience with the opposite sex.
b) Men that don’t give off a sexual energy.

If you want to be filed into the friend zone of all future women you meet then don’t make any fun sexual references in your conversation, don’t smell her hair, touch her arm or leg, tease her about how naughty she is etc.
c) Sexual teenagers

Men who only see women as one thing: a life support system for a vagina.

These men feel (usually subconsciously) that the only goal of any interaction with a woman is to assess what sex would be like with them, and whether the conversation will move them any closer to that goal.
This attitude towards women can often result in approach anxiety.
For these people the (subconscious) pressure they place on themselves for an outcome is enormous.

IMPORTANT Advice to all men:

Improve your social skills.
Have conversations with lots of women (fat, skinny, tall, short) just for the sake of talking to them and not expecting anything out of it.
I guarantee that girls attitudes will change towards you the more you practice socializing versus ‘sexualizing’.

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