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The reason why some men have a lot of girls who constantly phone and text them is not because they know how to engage women in deep philosophical conversations, or even because they are good listeners, or can talk about an array of interesting things.

Nope, the real reason is because they have learned the art of sexual flirting. They know what to say to women to turn them on.
They have learned how to turn an ordinary conversation into small talk that’s fun, flirty and sexy.

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You may have been told that small talk is not a good technique to use to chat up women, and that’s what I always thought too.
The truth is that this type of sexual flirting actually engages girl’s emotions a lot more and allows women to express their fun, flirty and sexual side, and if you have been reading any of the techniques on then you’ll already know that this is exactly what you want.

The majority of guys are already engaging women in logical boring conversations, asking lots of questions about her, because these are the techniques they have been taught.
Show an interest in the girl and this will show her that you are caring and interested in her life,” they say. Of course that’s not incorrect, but it’s a technique that’s best left for a 3rd or 4th date.

To start things off you want to be the guy women associate with fun and sexy feelings. You want to make women feel sexually desired.

what to say to a womanLetting a girl know that you unapologetically sexually desire her is very powerful but only when it is done in small doses.
For example, you may really like a certain brand of perfume that women wear, but only when dabbed on lightly.  If a woman uses the same perfume but in excessive amounts it can be overpowering and have the complete opposite effect. The same applies to sexual flirting, you may start off quite well with some fun dirty talking but if you don’t know when to reel it in then things could get cold very quickly.

Don't show your sexual desire and then hold on too long.

You want to be the one in control of the pace and intensity of the conversation. When you feel you have made the impact you wanted then you pull away and change the focus of the conversation,  this way you’ll leave her in an excited state of wanting more. She’ll subconsciously wonder when you’ll supply more of that stimulating exciting conversation but won’t know when, or if, it will be coming again. She’ll miss that mood and emotional connection you created.

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If on the other hand you hold on to the sexual flirting too long then you may create the exact opposite effect of what you wanted.
She might start to feel uncomfortable (even if she is quite sexually liberal) and then she may change the conversation.
What should have been a positive now creates a negative energy that will make things very awkward from then on, plus, she has set a precedent and is now in control of what direction the conversation takes.
Not what you want!

How to escalate a conversation to sexual flirting.

Seduce-with-text-messages  The easiest way to turn a woman on through conversation is to notice one or two details about what the woman is wearing, how it fits her body, how her hair is styled and what it does to compliment her eyes or lips (use your imagination).

Observe what jewelry she is wearing and how it affects the rest of her outfit, for example does it draw attention to her breasts (and flirt with her and ask her if that’s what she’s trying to achieve).
Are any of her clothes tight? What shape does it give her hips, backside & breasts? Tell her what her clothes do to her body (and your emotional state) and that you find it extremely sexy.
How does she smell? (You smell like a beautiful tropical flower that I want to devour.) How does she move? What is the tone of her voice?

Don't just say WHAT you like, comment on what it does for her, and how it effects you. 

Simply by being observant, and hardly using any dirty talk, you can unlock the sensual side of a woman that she may be keeping suppressed or too shy to express.
It will take you out of any friend zone category into which any woman may have been prepared to file you, guaranteed.

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